Spokane Transit Meet-Up

Make some room on your calendar! On July 1st, there’s going to be a Transit Meet-Up in Spokane.

Being put together by Karl Otterstrom (STA’s Director of Planning), it’ll start at 6:30PM and will be held at Chairs Public House, located at 1305 Hamilton Street in the Logan neighborhood. Whether you consider yourself an advocate, transit nerd, or just a regular bus rider, anyone and everyone is welcome to attend. Chairs Public House is an all-ages venue, so there is no age restriction.

Chairs STA StopGetting there is quite easy, as STA has a bus stop right at the front door. Both Route 26 and Route 28 serve Hamilton Street through the Logan neighborhood. If you’re coming from The Plaza, your best bet is to catch the 26 at 6:20PM and disembark the bus across the street in front of the Tesoro gas station at the corner of Sharp Ave (the 2nd bus stop heading north on Hamilton). You can also catch the 26 at 6:05PM heading south from the Northside Shopping Center and disembark in front of Chairs just a little past 6:30PM. From Spokane Community College, you can catch the 39 at 5:42PM or 6:42PM and disembark at Hamilton and Mission, then walk two block south to Chairs and arrive at about 5:50PM or 6:50PM.

To help give a rough head count for how many people are attending, please either leave a comment below or send a tweet to Karl (@pedestrianman) or myself (@transit509). Both of us will be there, and for myself I look forward to meeting everyone who comes!


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