Epic Transit Journey – The Walla Walla Loop

170 miles. 4 buses. $7.

Welcome to the highest levels of frugality.

Boarding the Tri-City Trolley at Huntington TC
Photo Credit: Zachary Ziegler

On August 2nd, myself and comrade @iAndrewPippin embarked on a trip that took us from the Tri-Cities to Walla Walla and back via Hermiston and Pendleton. Now, most normal people sleep during the hours of the night, particularly before any travel. But as for me, I stayed awake. All night. Watching Scrubs.

At about 4AM, I walked from my house towards Huntington Transit Center, meeting my buddie enroute and grabbing some snack food. After a healthy meal consisting of an apple juice and a Sourdough Jack with no tomato, we headed over to Huntington TC to wait for the Tri-City Trolley. The bus showed up close to on time at 5:39AM, and we boarded along with a gentleman who I’ve given the nickname of “Old Man Jenkins.” I’d say with about 99% certainty that there was alcohol running through his veins in the morning. Luckily, he slept nearly the entire ride. After boarding, we headed up to 27th Avenue Park and Ride, the last stop in the Tri-Cities, where another woman boarded, and after holding for about 5 minutes (to maintain the published schedule), we were on the highway.

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“I Love This Bus”

If you’re a county music fan, you’re probably familiar with Toby Keith. In 2003, he released a song called “I Love This Bar” which stayed in the number one spot on the Billboard Country Singles Chart for 5 weeks.

In 2010, a few of Ben Franklin Transit’s bus operators took Toby Keith’s song in a new direction. I present to you the music video for “I Love This Bus” by Ron France.