UPDATE: September 2011 Service Change

As I mentioned before in this post, service changes to Ben Franklin Transit are scheduled to go in effect for next month.

Since the last post, a few updates have come up:

  • Though they are referred to as the “September Service Changes,” the new schedules/routes will actually be going into effect on the last Monday of the month, August 29th. (September 1st is on the Thursday of that week.)
  • In a notice posted at Three Rivers Transit Center, the notation for changes to Route 67 reads as follows: “In addition to regular routing Route 67 will run to CBC on school days and on weekdays becomes Route 66 at Road 100.” Columbia Basin College, or CBC, runs on a Monday-Thursday class schedule (with some exceptions), so I contacted BFT for clarification. They said that the extension to the CBC bus stop on Saraceno Way will be in effect for Route 67 (as well as Route 225) Monday through Friday, but only for Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. As mentioned before, Saturday schedules/routes will still stay in their current form.

Also, though not necessarily new information (I merely forgot to mention it in the original post), the last change to schedules is that Saturday service levels will be instituted for the following holidays: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day, Veteran’s Day, and New Year’s Eve. Christmas Eve will also see Saturday service levels, but the last departures will be at 1:00PM/1:15. As of now, there’s no word on how service for Route 170 to Benton City/Prosser will be affected by this. No changes will be made to holidays that already have no transit service.


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