Day Pass

In order to promote usage of transit by locals and tourists alike, many transit agencies will have a Day Pass, allowing unlimited usage of their services for that day. Instead of paying fare after fare every time you board a bus or train, you can just pay a flat fee for the Day Pass and not have to worry about anything. However, there are agencies that have not opted to put this sort of measure into use. Perhaps the greatest example of that here in the Pacific Northwest is the Puget Sound region (for this blog, defined as Snohomish County to Pierce County). Served by not one, not two, but five different transit agencies: Community Transit, Everett Transit, King County Metro, Pierce Transit, and Sound Transit. Of the five agencies, only Pierce Transit has a day pass. Even then, it doesn’t amount to much, as it’s only an available option on weekends and holidays with Saturday or Sunday service levels.

In the interest of being fair, I went through and did a survey of all the transit agencies in Washington State to see who has a Day Pass and who doesn’t. Some of the results were rather surprising, while others not so much.

1) Asotin County PBTA– No.
2) Ben Franklin Transit– Yes. Cost is $3.50. Available only from bus operators, pay the applicable amount in farebox and operator will give you an untorn transfer slip, which will be marked to indicate to other drivers that it is a Day Pass.
3) Clallam Transit– Yes. Cost is $3.00. Only available from bus operators.
4) Columbia County Public Transportation– Yes, technically. It’s only available to riders who are over the age of 60, and is only valid for travel within Dayton. Cost is $1.00.
5) Community Transit – No.
6) CUBS  (Community Urban Bus Service)– Yes. Cost is $1.20.
7) C-TRAN – Yes. Cost is $3.75 within Clark County, or $6.50 for Clark County + Portland Express Buses.
8) Everett Transit– No.
9) Garfield County Public Transportaton– No. However, it should be noted that they do not officially charge a fare, but do accept donations.
10) Grant Transit Authority– No.
11) Grays Harbor Transit– Yes. Cost is $3.00. However, it is only valid for Zone 1, which excludes service to Olympia.
12) Intercity Transit– Yes. Cost is $2.00
13) Island Transit– N/A, because Island Transit is one of only two agencies in the state that are fully fare-free, so you can still ride as much as you want every day!
14) Jefferson Transit– Yes. On your first ride of the day, you pay the applicable fare, and then you will be able to ride for free the rest of the day. Cost is $1.50.
15) King County Metro– No.
16) Kitsap Transit– No.
17) Link Transit– Yes. Cost is $3.00 for 1 Zone, or $6.00 for 2 Zone.
18) Mason Transit– No.
19) Pacific Transit System– Yes. Cost is $1.50.
20) Pierce Transit– Yes. As mentioned earlier, it’s only good on weekends and holidays running on Saturday or Sunday service levels. Cost is $4.00.
21) Pullman Transit– No.
22) Skagit Transit– Yes. Cost is $2.00. Only available from drivers.
23) Sound Transit– No.
24) Spokane Transit Authority– Yes. Cost is $3.50.
25) Twin Transit– Yes. Cost is $2.00.* (Twin Transit’s website is unavailable at the time of posting, so the information is from a news article from 2010.)
26) Union Gap Transit– N/A, as Union Gap Transit is also a fare-free agency like Island Transit, which means you can ride as much as you want for free!
27) Valley Transit– No.
28) Whitman County UBTA- N/A. Unknown if the agency has officially been established, and information online indicates they’ll only be running a vanpool.
29) Whatcom Transit Authority– No.
30) Yakima Transit– Yes. Cost is $1.50.


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