BFT Transit Development Plan 2012-2017

Today, December 6th, there was a public hearing held at Three Rivers TC in Kennewick for public comment on the updated Transit Development Plan, or TDP, for Ben Franklin Transit. If you were hoping to attend that hearing, I’m sorry to say you’ve already missed it, as it was held at 2PM. (Though my late reporting on this news item isn’t helping either…) Luckily for you, I did attend it.

Quite honestly, this may have been the most boring BFT-related meeting I have ever attended. The only thing that really happened was a review of the TDP itself, and the information contained in it. (If you wish to view it, the draft as it currently exists is available here.) I, along with 4 other attendees (one of whom arrived late) listened in to the presentation, and we all made a few comments or asked a few things along the way. All in all, there was no major breaking news development or anything out of the ordinary. Things are running along just fine at BFT, and the TDP just basically shows how they intend to keep doing so for the next 6 years.

This Thursday, the TDP draft will be presented at the Board of Directors meeting, where they will vote to approve or reject it. If approved, it will then be sent off to the Washington State Department of Transportation’s offices for their approval. When that happens, I’ll make another quick post here or just mention it on Twitter.


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