DETOURS/DELAYS – Regional Snowstorm (1/19/12 – 1/21/12)

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably noticed the snowstorm that has hit our part of the world this week. Needless to say, this has been making things a bit difficult for transit operators in our area.

Below, I have a list that I will be updating as often as possible on delays/detours/service cancellations for transit services in the region.

Update #1 (10:33AM): Information for Ben Franklin Transit/Grapeline/Link Transit/Valley Transit/Yakima Transit has been updated.

Update #2 (1:26PM): No changes to report. Some minor delays may still be occuring.

Update #3 (5:25PM): Information for Grapeline has been updated.

Update #4 (11:39PM): Information for Grapeline has been updated.

Update #5 (4:10PM SAT): Unless there is a major change in the weather, this will be the last update. All services are back to normal. Ben Franklin Transit, Grapeline, and Link Transit have been posting timely updates on their websites (links below), so always double-check to be safe.

  • Ben Franklin Transit: Some buses are running on schedule today, though most are facing minor delays of only a few minutes. Route 47 has resumed regular route today, and is now serving Garfield Hill again. Route 50 is not serving the Comfort Inn and Shopko stops. The bus will proceed directly to Grandridge Blvd after serving the JC Penny stop. Route 67 will serve the CBC Campus in Pasco by request only; Route 225 is unaffected.
  • Central Transit (Ellensburg): No information has been reported at this time. Expect bus to be delayed (if it is running).
  • Community Connector (Yakima to Prosser Bus): All service for Friday, 1/20, has been cancelled.
  • Grapeline (Walla Walla to Pasco bus): All service for the rest of Thursday, 1/19, has been cancelled. For Friday , 1/20, all service has been cancelled. For Saturday, 1/21, the 6:35AM Walla Walla departure and the 9:55AM Pasco departure have been cancelled. Service for the rest of the day is still scheduled to run, but that is subject to change.
  • Link Transit (Wenatchee/Chelan and Douglas Counties): Most buses are running close to on time today, some minor delays may be seen.
  • Union Gap Transit: No information has been reported at this time. Expect bus to be delayed (if it is running).
  • Valley Transit (Walla Walla): In response to my Facebook post, the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin says that Valley Transit reports “everything is on schedule as normal for today.” To be on the safe side, expect minor delays.
  • Yakima Transit: No changes have been reported, but expect some minor delays.

If you have any questions/need information, don’t be afraid to call the Customer Service phone number for your transit agency. They are there to help you in any way they can. But please do be patient as they will most likely be receiving many calls.


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