I Moved Again… (Blog Update)

At the end of my last post, 85 Hours On The Bus (Part 2), I ended the story with my arrival in Spokane. What I didn’t mention then is that I’m actually living in Spokane now.

Some of you may recall how I moved to Tampa just several months ago. For the sake of keeping the story simple, let’s just say that I was ready for a change of scenery. (Someday, I’ll cover the story a little more in depth on my other blog.) Suffice to say, Tampa and Spokane are two very different cities, especially when it comes to the weather. Even though winter is fast approaching, I think it’s safe to say that I’m going to enjoy it in Spokane.

With a new city comes a new transit agency to talk about: Spokane Transit Authority. Perhaps best known for their astounding system map, I’ve been rather impressed by the agency so far. That’s not to say that they don’t have any shortcomings. Just like any other agency out there, they have weaknesses and flaws in the design of the system, which I will cover in future posts about STA.

Even though a lot of my posts will be covering STA now, I’ll still have posts from time to time on Ben Franklin Transit (Tri-Cities WA) and Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (Tampa FL). In the case of the latter, I know there’ll be plenty to talk about in the coming months. Sadly, I was the only one to ever blog about BFT, which is why I want to make sure I still write about them, but updates on HART can still be found on fellow blogs “Yo Bus Driver!” and Tampa Bay Transit. In the near future, I hope to also have some more posts covering the operations/infrastructure aspects of transit.

Once again, I want to thank all my readers. I know the blog has done way too much shuffling around this year, so I appreciate everyone who has continued to follow along. Cheers!


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