Update on Tampa Bay Transit Coverage

Last week, I mentioned that as part of the blog’s relaunch to Transit 509, I was going to discontinue my coverage of transit in Tampa Bay. I also mentioned that I would be continuing that coverage on another transit blog as a guest contributor.

Officially announced last Friday in this post, I have joined Tampa transit blogger Hartride 2012 as a guest author on Public Transit As Told By Hartride 2012. Yesterday my first post, covering the SouthShore Transit Circulator Study, was published. As I mentioned in my introduction piece, I will be covering some new topics on transit in Tampa Bay along with supplemental coverage on current transit news in the area. All my past posts on Tampa Bay transit will remain online here at Transit 509, but they will continue to be cited as needed in my future posts.

Again, I want to thank all of you who continue to follow Transit 509, but I also encourage everyone to follow Public Transit As Told By Hartride 2012 if you haven’t already!


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