Sunday Service Returns (And Night Service Is Extended)

Back in July, I first announced the possibility that Ben Franklin Transit would start running Sunday Service again. (It was cut in 2009 after the recession hit.) Since then, a public hearing was held on August 20th, with the vast majority of attendees in support of this. Earlier this month during the September BFT Board of Directors meeting, they unanimously voted in approval to reintroduce Sunday Service and extend the hours of Night Service.

So, what happens now?

Night Service
Starting October 1st, the hours of service will be extended from the current 7PM-12:30AM to 6:30PM-2AM. (Note that Taxi Feeder service, which currently ends at 6PM, will be extended a half hour to end at 6:30PM before Night Service starts.) Otherwise, there will only be minor changes to other aspects of Night Service. The reservation line will still open daily at 2PM, but calls can now be made until 1:30AM. Tri-City Taxi will still be operating the service, and the capacity of available rides will remain roughly the same as it is now. (Remember that it’s always best to call as early as possible for a ride.)

Sunday Service
Beginning on October 6th, and every Sunday from here on out, Sunday Service will run from 7:30AM-6PM. To reserve a ride, riders will have to call the day before (Saturday) between 2PM-9PM. (Sunday Service will be using the same reservation line as Night Service). However, there is the option to call on Sunday after 7:30AM and try to get a ride reservation (which will only be available after 9AM), dependent on available capacity. It is strongly advised to book rides the day before, as Tri-City Taxi will be staffing Sunday Service according to the projected demand for that day based on how many reservations are made.

For more information:
Ben Franklin Transit Customer Service – 735-5100
Night Service/Sunday Service Reservation Line – 545-0684


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